The digital reinvention of compliance procedures
for financial services

Regulatory authorities have fined Financial Firms US$300bn+ for regulatory and internal control breaches. The aggregation of these breaches indicates systemic weaknesses within documented procedures, which is the primary tool for compliance to align with regulations and internal policies.

Chatbot Author is a platform which enables financial institutions to transform what can traditionally be extensive word documents into interactive Chatbots. Using scripted dialogue, you can quickly share your procedures across multiple channels and also measure and analyse the usage and behaviours. The inherent problems with procedures arise due to the way they are presented, Chatbot Author is the first platform of its kind which forces authors to consider logic and consumers to make decisions more quickly and accurately by only being faced with the relevant information.


Automate compliance

Materially reduce regulatory and internal control breaches

Up to 70 times more efficiency in the use of procedures

Lower costs

Eradicate procedural training costs

Materially reduce the costs of false positives and false negatives

Simplify usage

The reduction of false positives and false negatives through better decision journeys

Embedding pictures and videos into the dialogue can compensate for knowledge gaps

Reduce Risks

Have new benchmarks and a full audit trail of how procedures have been used in practice

Adapt more easily to regulatory change e.g. Brexit

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